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Gel Energy Batteries

" Gelled batteries are VRLA batteries which use an electrolyte that has been thickened,The upside of gelled electrolyte batteries is that they recharge much faster than flooded-cell batteries.."

AGM VRLA battery EGYPT deep cycle battery gel battery egypt agm battery egypt vrla battery egypt UPS battery Egypt Solar Battery Egypt marine battery EGYPT


VRLA AGM Batteries

"VRLA batteries are used in off grid solar power and wind power installations , recreational marine purposes and telecommunications applications ...." 


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" EXACT Was Founded To Manufacture (SLI) Lead–Acid As Well As Calcium Maintenance Free Batteries (Hybrid / Expanded Calcium) Used In Automobiles And Trucks …..".


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"Sealed Maintenance Free Battery With Extra Life Cycle Capability …"


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" Exact Undertakes Constant Development Of The Environmental Management System….."


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" Our Mission Is To Provide Superior Product And Service Quality… "


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Super Golf

"Our Main Objective Is To Ensure Complete Customer Satisfaction …"




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Follow information on the battery, the instructions for use and instructions for operating the vehicle.

eye protection required -automotive batteries for sale-exact company

Wear eye protection

keep away from children-best battery production-battery production in middle east

Keep children away from acid and batteries

Explosion Hazard

Explosion Hazard:
A highly-explosive oxhydrogen gas mixture occurs when charging batteries, therefore

Fires, Sparks, Naked Lights And Smoking Are Prohibited-Battery production in Africa-car battery for sale

Fires, Sparks, Naked Lights And Smoking Are Prohibited:

-Avoid causing sparks when dealing with cables and electrical equipment, and beware of electrostatic discharges.

- Avoid short-circuits

corrosive-exact company-automotive batteries for sale

Corrosive Hazard:
Battery acid is highly corrosive, therefore:

- Wear protective gloves and eye protection.

- Do not tilt battery; acid can escape from the degassing openings or vents.

first aid-Battery production in Africa-battery production in middle east

First Aid:

- Rinse off acid splashed in the eyes immediately for several minutes with clean water, then consult a doctor immediately.

- Neutralize acid splash on skin or clothes immediately with acid neutralizer (soda) or soap suds and rinse with plenty of water.

- If acid is consumed, consult a doctor immediately.

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        - Battery production in Africa

Warning Note:

- Do not place batteries in direct sunlight without protection

-Discharged batteries can freeze up, therefore store in an area free from frost.

disposal-Battery production in Africa-battery production in middle east

Hand in old batteries at a collection point, always store batteries upright, and prevent from tipping over during transportation, never dispose of old batteries as domestic waste.

milestone car battery manufacturers

welcome to Exact

Exact is one of the biggest battery Producers in Egypt and Africa, our main objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction...

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