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Gel Energy Batteries

" Gelled batteries are VRLA batteries which use an electrolyte that has been thickened,The upside of gelled electrolyte batteries is that they recharge much faster than flooded-cell batteries.."

AGM VRLA battery EGYPT deep cycle battery gel battery egypt agm battery egypt vrla battery egypt UPS battery Egypt Solar Battery Egypt marine battery EGYPT


VRLA AGM Batteries

"VRLA batteries are used in off grid solar power and wind power installations , recreational marine purposes and telecommunications applications ...." 


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" EXACT Was Founded To Manufacture (SLI) Lead–Acid As Well As Calcium Maintenance Free Batteries (Hybrid / Expanded Calcium) Used In Automobiles And Trucks …..".


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"Sealed Maintenance Free Battery With Extra Life Cycle Capability …"


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" Exact Undertakes Constant Development Of The Environmental Management System….."


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" Our Mission Is To Provide Superior Product And Service Quality… "


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Super Golf

"Our Main Objective Is To Ensure Complete Customer Satisfaction …"



In the field of activity covering production and sales of the dry charged and maintenance free batteries; It is a priority of the management and personnel of our company to ensure constant development for sake of more sensitivity to the environment.

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EXACT undertakes constant development of the Environmental Management System by providing all financial, administrative, technical and equipment resources to attain the environmental targets in accordance with the environmental protection standards.


  • Determine, take under control and reduce any environmental effects that arise or may arise from the production activities.
  • Comply with the respective laws, legislation and legal regulations in the environmental aspect of our business and eliminate any risks of the parties that may suffer damage from the environmental effects concerning the aspect in question.
  • Think about technologies with minimum risk and effects with respect to the environmental aspect of our business for new investments and, therefore, reduce pollution.
  • Use the raw material, energy and natural resources efficiently to minimize waste.
  • Taken under control and reduce the waste from our products and activities by paying attention that the raw materials used in the process are of recoverable.
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welcome to Exact

Exact is one of the biggest battery Producers in Egypt and Africa, our main objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction...

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